Professional Pest Solutions

Professional Pest Solutions

Our Approach

Professional Pest Solutions approach to all pest control services is an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach, taking the complete environment into consideration. Safety for our customers and employees is paramount. Through our relentless training on pest ID, insect biology, treatment methods, and safety we feel we offer the very best pest control service available.

Our Story

Professional Pest Solutions is a locally owned and family operated pest control business building a reputation based on trust and reliability with over a decade of pest control experience.

Professional Pest Solutions, the fastest growing residential and commercial pest control service in North Central West Virginia. Often people ask us how we continue to grow so much in such a difficult economic environment.

Our explanation is not too complicated. We provide the type of service that when people see it and experience it they keep using our service and commonly recommend us to their friends and family because they are confident we will not let them down.

Simply put, at Professional Pest solutions we take pride in exceeding others’ expectations through a commitment to excellent service provided in a caring way.

If we already service your home we will continue to do our best to earn your continued business. If you are looking for a pest control company we invite you to hire us because we are committed to doing our best to serve you.

The Professional Pest Solutions team is led by an experienced customer and employee focused management team.


Don't Try This at Home

 The reason there are so many remedies for the common cold is because none of them work. The same can be said for over-the-counter pest control. Not only are these quick fixes  ineffective, they are unsafe if used improperly. Don't put your family or pets at risk. Hire our professional exterminators who are trained to use the right methods in a safe way.


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